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Webroot:This solution addresses Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection

The Microsoft Installer (MSI) requires commands during installation, to apply the keycode and options that activate SecureAnywhere Endpoint Protection installation mode:


Note: You can use CMDLINE options to enable proxy support — see Setting a proxy using MSI.
GUILIC The license key, with or without hyphens.

Note: If you don’t provide a keycode the installation proceeds, but the endpoint will not have a keycode associated with it and will not be protected. If you install without a keycode you must uninstall the software and re-install to add it.

The MSI installer is interactive by default, and requires the msiexec.exe option /qn to run an automated installation in the background.

This is an example of an MSI command:

msiexec /i wsasme.msi GUILIC=licensekey CMDLINE=SME,quiet /qn /l*v install.log

Note: In User Account Control environments, the account used to run the installer must have local admin rights. You must run the installer from a process that has elevated privileges in UAC environments, to prevent the end user from seeing a UAC prompt.
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