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Webroot:This solution addresses Webroot SecureAnywhere Business – Endpoint Protection

Self Protection prevents malicious software from modifying the Webroot SecureAnywhereprogram settings and processes. If Webroot SecureAnywhere detects that another product is trying to interfere with its functions, it starts a protective scan to look for threats. Scan Protection also updates the internal self-protection status, to prevent incompatibilities with other software.

Note: We recommend that you leave Self Protection at the Maximum settings unless you use other security software in addition to Webroot SecureAnywhere. If you use additional security software, adjust Self Protection to Medium or Minimum. The Maximum setting might interfere with other security software.

Self Protection settings
Enable self-protection response cloaking Turns self-protection on and off.
Self-protection level Sets the detection level to:
  • Minimum. Protects the integrity of the SecureAnywhere settings and databases. Recommended if the endpoint has several other security products installed.
  • Medium. Prevents other programs from disabling protection. Provides maximum possible compatibility with other security software.
  • Maximum. Provides the highest protection of the SecureAnywhere processes. Recommended.

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