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You can deploy the SecureAnywhere installer file using one of these methods:
  • Install SecureAnywhere on each endpoint.
  • Send emails to end users, so they can install the software by clicking on the link provided in the email template.
  • Rename the executable file using your keycode. This method is useful if you plan to use your own deployment tool and if you prefer not to use MSI commands to run the installation in the background.
  • Use additional commands with the executable file to deploy it in the background.
  • Use command-line options with the installer to deploy to endpoints that are behind a proxy server.
To use the SecureAnywhere installer:
  1. On the endpoint, download the SecureAnywhere installer file.
    The installer file is available from the Resources tab or by clicking this link:
  2. In the installation panel (shown below), enter the keycode.
    Your keycode is shown in the Resources tab.

  3. Optionally, you can click Change installation options at the bottom of the installation panel and set these options:
    • Create a shortcut to SecureAnywhere on the desktop. This option places a shortcut icon on the Windows Desktop for SecureAnywhere.
    • Randomize the installed filename to bypass certain infections. This option changes the Webroot installation filename to a random name (for example, “QrXC251G.exe”), which prevents malware from detecting and blocking Webroot’s installation file.
    • Protect the SecureAnywhere files, processes, and memory from modification. This option enables self protection and the CAPTCHA prompts. (CAPTCHA requires you to read distorted text on the screen and enter the text in a field before performing any critical actions.)
    • Change Language. To change the language displayed in SecureAnywhere, click the Change Language button and select from the supported languages. (You can only change the displayed language during installation, not after.)
  4. Click Agree and Install.
    During installation, SecureAnywhere runs an immediate scan on the endpoint.

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