Webroot now does a gradual rollout method for releases. As such, not everyone will receive the update at the same time.
PC Agent changes in
  • Support for ELAM (Early Launch AntiMalware) Driver​.
  • Registry value to log agent command status to WRlog.
  • Support for future Windows 10 update.
  • Refactored code in parts of UI.
  • Support for future Windows 10 update.
  • Case where WRSVC is set to "Take no action" under recovery in service properties.
  • False Positive Detection on Storage Craft backup program.
  • Issue in where applications accessed through a network share drive become slow or unresponsive.
  • Under certain conditions, WSA will delete files when the logged in user does not have permission to do so.
  • Add mandatory upgrade field to SecurityProductInformation.ini as per Microsoft requirement.
  • User Access Control prompt appearance after updating.
  • Improved management of Windows resources.
  • GDI issues that resulted in screen tearing.
  • Case where Web Threat Shield plugin does not get loaded on WSA install.
  • In certain circumstances, an error response from Webroot cloud can cause communications to stop until a reboot is performed.
  • Case where shutting down Webroot SecureAnywhere in a very short space of time after starting it causes shutdown to fail.
  • Windows Time format changed after threat detected by learning scan at installation.
  • Case where WSA did not always install on Windows XP.
  • Ensure complete removal during un-install.
  • Copyright year in WRusrl.dll is now correct.
  • Reliability of registry scanning.
  • Issue when uninstalling Webroot SecureAnywhere, DNS Protection is not uninstalled.
  • Mismatched MD5 report can be produced. 
  • A zero length file is produced when WSA creates a crash dump. 
  • Case where Restore from Quarantine fails. 
  • Webroot SecureAnywhere does not always shutdown correctly.
  • Fixed issue with XP and Server 2003 networking found in

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