PSA Error Code 1000-0147
PSA+ Error Code 2000-0147

Error message: Unit (x): IDE status failed. Status byte = (x) Control Code = (x) Msg = (s).
Error message: Unit (d): Optical drive BIST – (s).

  Before performing any of the procedures in this section, read and follow the safety instructions in Dell Knowledge Base Article: "Precautionary Measures for Personal Safety" Article ID: 339031
  Remove any and all power sources Including but not limited to: AC Adapter, Battery, or Desktop Power Cord, before you remove or reinstall an item in your computer.

Remove and reinstall the CD/DVD Drive for this error code.

Please see the Service manual for instructions on how to remove and replace the CD/DVD Drive. Be sure to remove and reinstall the cables for the CD/DVD Drive if you are on a Desktop Computer.
After reinstalling the CD/DVD Drive re-run the diagnostics if you receive the same error code Contact Us.
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