Guest: You want to create your username and password
Penny:So far, you've told me that:
  • You want to access Employee Online
  • You want to create your username and password
Penny:If the username login method is available but you have never created a username and password for Employee Online you will first need to log in with your Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) and PIN to initially identify you. If you do not know how to access your SRN or PIN, I can help you with that.

You may be prompted to create your username and password.  If so, follow the prompts to create your username and password and click Submit.  You will need your existing PIN to complete the task.

Your username:
  • must be 6-100 characters
  • cannot contain spaces or special characters such as “<>” and “&”
  • must be unique within Employee Online, therefore it is possible that your preferred Username may already be in use.
Your password:
  • must be 8-15 characters
  • contain 1 uppercase character, 1 lowercase character and 1 number. 
Your username and password cannot be the same.

If you are not prompted to create your username and password, you will need to update the security setting which enables the username feature.  Click on the ‘My Details’ tab and access the ‘Security Details’ menu. Tick the username check box and click submit.  On your next login using your existing SRN and PIN, you will be prompted to update your credentials to username and password.
Penny: Would you like to continue?
Guest: Start a new session
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