Guest: You want help with a 1099?
Penny:Tax statements such as 1099, 1099-DIV or 1099-B are typically available online on the Investor Center website after they have been mailed.  Tax forms can be viewed and printed by logging on to Investor Center and clicking on the Statements & Documents tab located at the top of the page. In order to view a statement or tax document, click on the purple circle next to the company you are inquiring about.      

If your statement is not listed please confirm that Computershare is the agent for the stock you own and that you have an account with them. Computershare does not issue 1099s or other tax statements for accounts held at other institutions.

If you are seeking older tax statements than those available on-line, please Contact Us.

Form 1099-DIV
> The deadline for mailing 1099-DIV 2018 tax forms according to the IRS is January 31, 2019. 
> If your Form 1099-DIV was less than $10, we were not required to provide a tax statement.
>If you need help in understanding your 1099-DIV Tax Statement, we suggest you watch our helpful video

Form 1099-B
> Form 1099-B is a tax form used to report sales of full or fractional shares of stock. Beginning with tax year 2011, Form 1099-B also includes the cost basis of shares sold for so-called "covered" transactions,  where applicable.
> The deadline for mailing 2018 1099-B tax forms according to the IRS is February 15, 2019. 
> If your Form 1099-B was less than $20, we were not required to provide a tax statement.
> If you need help understanding your 1099-B Tax Statement, we suggest that you watch our helpful video

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